Why choose us?

Globetech was formed by Jason O’Connor a commissioning engineers with a wealth of experience spanning 30 years from the oil and gas industry ,power generation , and bio pharmaceutical industry.

Our CEO experience began in the early 90's when he emigrated to California and worked with Solar gas turbines in worldwide locations becoming a stand alone engineer working on various gas turbine packages up to 25 mw. These units were used in the oil and gas market and the marine industry.

He was instrumental in the late 90's in commissioning the fastest high speed ferry in the world at the time producing a max speed of 52 knots using gas turbines technology.

He then spent another 5 years with General electric and Pratt and Whitney power systems commissioning power plants up to 400 mw.

After returning to Ireland Jason worked in the bio pharma industry in various commissioning roles and also worked in commissioning processes to make company's process more efficient and to save company money by lowering their cost base.

It is this hard earned experience with an engineering background of power generation that led us to the renewable energy sector.

Our promise to you is that we will give an honest appraisal if your property or commercial premises is suitable for Solar PV. Why not contact us by sending us your area code so we can see what orientation to the sun your property is located.