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Ducati Passy 100 Temp


Ducati Passy 100 Temp


Perfect in stopping the spread of co vid


Barriers will open only if the body temperature measured is under 37,5°C.

The device can be also set o a °F scale

The automatic, stand-alone, and smart pedestrian barrier system made in Italy and engineered by Lorenzo Ducati is a luxury and stylish access control device.

Luxury satin-finished stainless steel posts and barriers give a taste of Italian style to your place.

The bar that holds the Temperature detection device is adjustable in height.

The ideal system for managing access in gyms, offices, or reserved work areas to which access must be limited to authorized users only

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  1. jason

    The Passy 100 Temp is perfect for the prevention of Co vid 19 into your premises .

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